Working With Essay Draft

When working on drafts it might be helpful to just switch the wording around a bit and put a question mark at the end and that might help you to go through the yes/no partly sort of routine now these are some questions that Terry gave me a few years ago in which I I simplified a bit so that they would fit up on the screen and so those are examples of the kinds of their questions that you might get in a course like this and for that first one um the answer might be not much or a lot but then the big bit would be and here’s why I say this and secondly just the same for the second one the answer might be not much or a lot and here’s why I say this I think the third one is interesting because it begs the question.

It assumes that there’s been a skill shortage that has affected your agency’s capacity now there probably has but perhaps there hasn’t in your particular agency in which case you could go to town and taking a very different tag along the line so you put it more politely than that this is a ridiculous question this question is worded in a very silly way there’s no skill shortage where I am if you’re planning something pretty imaginative that really goes along a very different track I check it with your tutor you’ll find that most tutors will not read a full draft of an essay because if they do it for one they had to do it for everybody and the work would just be doubled but some of them will look at a one-page outline or a one para outline and if you say look I’ve really got this particular angle on this question I’d like to do it this way is that okay try it and see might work there’s no harm even know to ask what do you wait no.

I think that one of the reasons why students find it so hard to catch on to the idea that we’re looking for an argument is that staff don’t always talk about it the same way about eight or nine years ago I wrote a guide a short guide on how to write essays for what was then the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences before we became the Faculty of life and Social Sciences so we recite philosophy politics media sociology and in order to try to make this a guide that would work across the whole school I went and talked to my colleagues in the other subjects just to check you are indeed looking for an argument at you when you ask your students to write an essay what words do you use to describe your expectations to them here’s what I got this is my way this is the way we in sociology used to say what we were looking for we want an argument.