Universal Advice for Successful Passing of Exam 2

To calm down, you may take a lucky charm with you; it may be a necklace, a bracelet, a pen or any other insignificant small thing of a spiritual value to you. Always remember about the achievements you got studying and firmly believe they are going to help you. Try not to redo the tasks. If you feel unconfident, this is not a reason to cheat or to inquire from your neighbor: you both may be kicked out of the auditorium and the university. Follow the scheme from the easiest to the most complicated. If you tend to lose thoughts and feel defocused, that means that you have problems with time management and rational spend of the last. If it is difficult for you to absorb information at once, split it into pieces for you to learn each day. Carefully manage your time for rest and for work.

If you feel that you are responsible, you may allow yourself a sound sleep and a good rest. If there are points you didn’t manage to cover, there is no need to get stressed already, you might be lucky not to have these questions at your exam. Do not exaggerate and play around, be natural and sincere with the committee. If during the exam you begin to get stressed and commit more and more mistakes, it is a sign that you didn’t have enough rest before. There is no need to focus on the same thing all the time, you may have a rest by looking away from the committee members, for e.g. into the window to recollect your thoughts, but do not do it too often; the examiners might think you are distracted or you do not know the answer. Do not try to rush, for not the speed but the quality is the deciding factor of your grade. Try to block the impulses and act coherently and accurately. It is very essential that you focus on what you do and nothing more. Try to define the amount of time you are going to need on every task. There is no need to get nervous, no need to be stressed out. Calm down, have a good rest and come to an exam with the fresh head and the light smile. Disaster will not happen if you are not the cause.

Universal Advice for Successful Passing of Exam

A lot of discussions over the necessity of exams take place. This issue requires careful analyses and fair reasoning when making a conclusion. Exams may be the reason for students to finally study the materials required. But students experience a great strain that causes the short term memory to take priority. Therefore the information is forgotten right after the exam. This very article is destined to show advantages of exams and efficient ways to prepare for them.

Exam gives an opportunity to show all the skills, the knowledge you acquired to people that may appreciate and duly assess it. Exams are destined not only to test your knowledge but also your will, your nerves, your ability to act being unprepared and systematically state your opinion. Exams can be called a good school of life, a test that leads you to a successful future. Exams are much more difficult than written assignments and they cannot be handled by an order of philosophy term paper. You may be successful at exam not only due to your superb knowledge but also due to your unique comprehension skills, individual peculiarities, like the ability to focus and structure your speech. Before going to an exam you should think what you are going to use as “additional help”.

Even though you have a wild imagination and it draws horrible pictures in your head, you may use this very tool to win the attention of an examiner. While taking your exam, try to calm down and focus on the task you have on the front of you. Start working on questions that are simple to answer. The ones that require extensive answer should be left to an end. If you are likely to generalize, using only plain facts not supporting them by details, your essay writing requires more work. During your preparation for the exam you the scheming strategy, dividing the information into big blocks that are also to be divided into sections. Your examination should start from the careful study of the questions and decide what are the easiest. Work out a plan you will create an answer for each of them. If you tend to correct and doubt, being in a state of stress or fear, forget about the significance of the exam and behave as if you were in a usual class.


My Super Learner Philosophy


I have found that the one asset that has generated for me millions of dollars is my intellectual asset…my brain! We live in an information-based economy where ideas and knowledge allow us to create wealth from nothing. It is the power of your mind that will give you the competitive edge in your life.

Today, information and technology change constantly. To be ahead of the competition, we must develop the ability to absorb, process and apply information very fast. We must constantly learn, unlearn and relearn to be number one.

I believe that all of us share the same neurology. The average person uses less than one percent of their potential brainpower, while geniuses use close to 5%.

By learning and applying the strategies of geniuses, we too can develop a superior ability to read, gather & process information, remember and apply what we have learned.

What this means is that someone who seems smarter than you doesn’t mean that he has a ‘better’ brain. He just has better programs’ running in his brain.

Remember, if you can copy a successful person’s exact mental blueprint, you are equipped with all the RIGHT skills and attitudes to accomplish the exact same level of success.


Improving Your Child’s Learning Ability

Have you ever experienced frustration when you try to help you son learn his multiplication tables?The boy seems to muck it up time after time.

You feel like you are a failure and that your son is just not able to learn.

I know I have experienced this problem and that is why I want to share this information with you. You see years ago when my boy was nine years old I had this same experience and that is when I discovered how to improve my boy’s learning ability.

Frustration, disappointment and low self-esteem made it hard for my son to learn quickly. But with perseverance, love and good attitude we were able to beat frustration and low self-esteem, by not giving up we kept trying, my son slowly began to improve. As he progressed he kept on improving in leaps and bounds.

Your lives will improve also.All you have to do is keep on working at it and not give up. In all instances be positive and keep on encouraging your son to go for it.

Now, the next time you have this problem. I want you to take action and be positive and keep on keeping on. Never give up on your child, just keep on helping and have a positive attitude. It will all happen for you if you are positive.

The benefits of these actions for you and your child will be that you will have a rapport between you and you will feel more at ease and you will see your child succeed. Your frustration will ease, you will feel good about yourself and your son’s self-esteem will improve. He will feel that he can do things and be able to accomplish what he wants to.