Learning English – Malta

Learning English means more than just opening up new cultures, it also means taking advantage of new opportunities that learning and understanding English can offer. The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in a culture that speaks the language fluently. However, finding a place that does so while offering a safe, friendly environment may have seemed difficult until now.

Maltalingua is an English language school located on the beautiful Mediterranean island nation of Malta which is located due south of Sicily. Malta is actually three islands that have been under British rule for over 160 years. At the Maltalingua school, you can learn English under the beautiful Mediterranean sun which makes your stay more than just a learning experience, but a wonderful adventure.

The friendly people of Malta have spoken English for centuries and they live in a very safe environment. Malta has a proud, fascinating heritage and a rich history that has made it a popular tourist destination. However, it is the beautiful beaches and warm, year-round temperatures that have really make the islands of Malta one of the favorite places to visit in this part of the world.

The adult programme of Maltalingua for learning English is highly respected, noted for having certified instructors and immersible language courses that teach the language for use in the real world. Learning English in Malta has many advantages, first that comes to mind is the fact that all the residents speak proper English that is appropriate in all predominantly English language countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.  

Because the people of Malta speak English, this immersion into the culture will help them learn the language much faster than with other places where English is not spoken.

Furthermore, the Active Language Learning (ALL) programme that has been designed for teenagers combines in-class instruction with outdoor active learning that pushes the “learn by doing” philosophy so that your child can learn English more completely and use it in real life situations.

English language courses are held the year round with special summer courses that are taught in July, August and September for the Juniors. Located in St. Julian’s which is near the capital city of Valletta, the facility is modern and well equipped with top quality teachers, a rooftop terrace for a sumptuous view of the city and even a private pool to help relax between learning sessions. Maltalingua has it all to help teach adults and juniors the English language.