Languages and Travelling: An out-of-this-world experience?

Our imagination can do more things than we know. Sometimes routine and responsibility can blunt our creativity, so it is important to always find a moment for a break where we can take a deep breath, relax and focus on the good things of our lives. Amazingly, when asked what kind of things make them happy or what kind of things are written on their bucket list, a surprising number of people mention learning languages and traveling. These two things combine fun, self-growth, and development, experience and knowledge, causing a feeling of fulfillment on all kinds of people. In general, those who don’t care much for traveling are the same ones who have never done so before. Experience shows that traveling is a one-way ticket: once you’ve tried the taste of it, you will want to do it more often.

How is this feeling of fulfillment connected to traveling and learning languages? While taking French classes New York students were asked this question, and this is what Maria, a 22-year-old student of listen and learn replied:  


“It might have to do with the search that we do as human beings. Some people find this feeling of glorification, of ‘incredible things beyond what we have within our reach’ in God, while others try to find it on the earth. Learning languages and traveling allows you to get out of your daily life, of your routine, to stay in touch with something different: a different country, a different language, and culture, different minds, ideas, values, etc. There is something we want from the different, the unknown. Perhaps it is the same thing other people find in God: feeling identified and part of something greater.”

We quote Maria’s words because they really caught our attention. Since no one asks this question often, it is not common to read an explanation like this. Perhaps there is something transcendental about traveling and language learning, something that touches the very souls of us, while expanding our horizons in practical life (business opportunities, new friendships, etc.). What are your thoughts on this topic?