Education as a platform for future life

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In times of financial embarrassment education bides as one of the super and most valuable assets. Actually, it is realized as the superior straightforward spending of financial and time resources. It is essential to include all the major chains in your education process: from the elementary school up to the time when you graduate from the university and probably start to look for the company to work for or go on with your study and enroll for the master, followed by Ph.D. If you take out one of the stages, the education process will be not consistent. While your elementary, middle and high education you can build a basis for an upcoming bachelor program in the college. This is one of the inducements, why there are so many subjects, which are not related to each other at all (like P.E. physical education, languages), but they are still united together on the program list. The main purpose of this is to give the pupil the basic knowledge about the most important areas of people’s life and evolution. Anyhow, in my opinion, there are several distinctions between the earlier periods of learning concept in the USA and Europe. In the USA starting from early years the system is developed in such a stream, that students begin to break down their education to special knowledge, which will become almost certainly connected with their future job. In other words, education requires more job oriented approach.

On the opposite side in Europe, we see more theory and general classic learning process. Young students undertake the pure subject without connecting it too much to their future desirable type of work. Which technique is the product? Certainly, representatives of each concept will argue and try to show the weak sides of another concept. So this elaboration will never be finished. Throughout the number of consecutive years, both systems proved to be stable and be capable of providing the proper level of academic preparation of children before launching to the independent life. Therefore, it is all the time depends on you: go deeper in the pure study disciplines and achieve complete theoretical knowledge or separate yourself a bit and try to start applying your skills to future type of work already while studying at the first stages.


Another aspect, which should be also definitely put into attention, is the approach to the academy education in various areas. In USA and the countries of former USSR (we will suppose these for comparison since those reflect the issues in question in the clearest way) majority of the time student is placed in a rather stern position and must sift out the course, which he or she is going to study very carefully as the process of moving to another university is rather time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication. In European states, we have other circumstances: students are very secured while their college years and have the possibility to change their studies up to 2 times!

Changing, even more, times does not give any additional value for the student. How might these distinctions be clarified? From my point of view, the governmental social instruments are the key determinants in this aspect. USA, countries of past USSR are rather uncreative and social security as the concept is not highly perceived on the national level. In the USA it is like this as a consequence of general US ethics, pointing towards favorable tax conditions, superior position of the private property, while in the states of former USSR the economy is rocketing and the state-owned social protection initiatives are only emerging. In Europe on the opposite side, we can notice, that social protection have a very influential role in the society, and certainly in students’ lives in our case. Having support from the state, students can concentrate on learning.

During these processes, students do not risk to be taken to the army or some obligatory tasks, which will put the education in a puzzling position. Per contra, there are of course some negative points. First, it’s important to say that, sometimes due to this poised situation students are not motivated enough and as a consequence do not spend their resources properly and have a probability to end up spending a bit too much on their bachelor course for example. In case they had put more time resources, they maybe would have completed the bachelor earlier and therefore would have time to undertake a master course in advance starting their career and therefore enhance their salary possibilities.

Therefore, you can understand that learning is one of the most complicated and challenging processes in life and there are many ways to choose from, it’s for you to decide which one to undertake.