Combining Sources in Essay

You brainstorm your opinions you brainstorm your ideas and you choose the best three which you can develop into the paragraphs all the types of papers a rhetorical analysis analysis of an article a response paper all these principles that you already have some sources you don’t have to research them but you don’t have to search them but you have them ready and you read them but as you understand what is needed for each type of the paper you read having in mind what you need you read having in mind the structure of your essay so you know that in the first paragraph I will can’t develop this point oh I have another point I can develop that in the second paragraph and so on all the types of papers are accumulative I see problem-solution se and causing in fact I see in these types you have to present a coherent argument. More about working with sources on Edusson.

Yes coherence is the word all students are most afraid of and most students hate because does it sound scary for you can you please command you have to combine different sources not just express your opinion not just write about the ones words in first paragraph second source in second paragraph and third source in Sirte record no you have to combine all the ideas into some nice structure so what do you do here you search for the sources and you look them through you read them trying to write out what arguments are made I will give an example for example you are writing an argumentative essay about capital punishment yes it all starts with Google search this you type capital punishment and I have a lot of sources you choose and start reading them and in some sources some sources may say it should be abolished because and give three reasons another source may give two reasons.

But the same as the first source so you write down all the three and then you look through all the sources which can add to them or something which contradicts them so you create this map of all the I D and a research study is the one where you conduct a research a report on it and it actually demands a separate webinar to be conducted on we won’t touch it okay so as you do a research if you return to your outline so imagine that on paper yes somewhere making your notes you have in mind this outline which has introduction 100 words yes conclusion 100 words body paragraphs 800 words yes any habits and you know that you need a thesis statement at least three ideas in support of a thesis statement and you need somehow to support these ideas which support see the statement yes for example you say capital punishment should be abolished because it is expensive it is painful it cannot be reversed and so on these three ideas a main ideas of your body paragraphs how do you support them you say capital punishment is expansive for the state and you give facts something you know from your sources how much expensive it is what makes it expensive and so on so as you add details.