Application Policies

There certainly is no downside sticking to a two week timeline the town downside will come into play if you delay exactly okay all right Matt asks another excellent question is it worth sacrificing the quality of an essay to some extent in order to meet the two-week deadline it’s possible you know I would recommend keeping Excel spreadsheets so you keep track of when your deadlines are coming up and that way you can avoid submitting you know any any writing that you’re not going to be proud for others to read it is best if you can to have somebody else review it but you know of course I don’t recommend submitting bad quality work but it is essential to get it in the deadlines so there are ways for you to get assistant for example through exception comm. Find out more about application rules and policies at Robotdon.

You know you can purchase a rush editing services and that means that we would have a 24 hour turnaround time to assist you with your essays actually it’s one business day one isn’t any it’s one business that one’s right yeah one business day so there are ways to get assistance you know even when you have time constraints right and I think the point here is this it’s not an either-or it really is an end you want to get in with work you want to get in work that you’re proud of and you want to get it in within the two-week deadline and you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you’re sacrificing quality in order to meet that deadline so yeah you do want to jeopardize an interview because you know if you submit work that’s not representative of of you or doesn’t clearly convey your interest in their school that may lead to you not receiving an interview and you don’t want to put yourself in that position okay Nikita has an interesting question if we turn the secondary’s but your recommender doesn’t get the letters finished until a few weeks later how does that affect our application that’s just a question that’s a very good question.

So different schools have different policies on that so some schools if they’re really interested in use an applicant may hold off other schools you know may may put your application aside and may not have time to return to it just because of the volume of applicants they receive so different schools are gonna have different policies on that but it is it’s possible and I know the letters of rec are the hardest piece because often you don’t have control over when they get submitted but it’s essential if you can to get those in with your when you submit your primary that way you know they’re there waiting for you to send out when your secondaries are due okay and then we have another very good question from equity and equity asks is there any way to prepare for the secondaries before you get them I even set questions most the state is saying you’re a year this way you were not pressed when multiple multiple schools for secondaries at you.